Corey Lewandowski: Has ‘best job in politics’ as Donald Trump’s campaign manager

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Corey Lewandowski
Corey Lewandowski, says he’s living the dream’ as Donald Trump’s campaign manager.

He rarely talks about himself, but Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, shared several personal thoughts with me for our exclusive podcast.

The 40-year-old New Hampshire resident met his future wife when he was a freshman in high school. Years later, he would meet Donald Trump at the Yard Restaurant that would eventually lead to what he describes as “the best job in politics.”

His story is a remarkable example of reinvention, on Reset: 40 is the New Happy.

Longtime broadcaster and author – and now podcaster – Mike Morin, explores mid-life changes that redirect our path toward happiness with Reset: 40 is the New Happy podcast series.

Mike Morin is a broadcaster, author, speaker and now podcaster, busy celebrating life’s second acts via the airwaves. Maybe you can help: Are you rediscovering yourself beyond 40? Do you  have an interesting “second-act” to share? Do you know someone who left their career to follow their dreams? Contact Morin at and you could be the next person to add “inspirational voice of reinvention” to your resume by sharing your story on Reset: 40 is the New Happy.


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  • mmazzi

    Nice to know about you. Doing a bang-up job, Mr. Lewandowski. Bravo!

  • Jamie Hanson-Quebedeaux

    Keep the Donald running smoothly we need him desperately in the White House the sooner the better! I’m a YUGE #Trump supporter!!!

  • Critic888

    I’ve watched all Trump’s speeches on youtube. I notice the enthusiasm for him is waning a bit and it is reflected in the polls. The crowds go wild when he talks about his wall but I think he needs to give more detail. Explain in detail the ordinary person can understand. Tell the people about the truckloads of drugs and migrants coming over the border and how the Arizona ranchers on the Mexican border live in a war zone. HOW is he going to pay for it? Less about Mylie Cyrus and how rich and clever he is. We all know he went to a good school. Talk about drug cartels and crime in this country. Describe our decaying airports ( Newark for example) and dangerous bridges, clogged highways . How is he going to build the military to protect us? We want detail about the medical, not just ” I’m going to fix it”. HOW? Little more serious at least for 5- 10 minutes of his speeches. Pound up on Hillary , not the other candidates.