Connecting the dots: Solution Health, Home Health & Hospice Care in discussions to create network for post-acute care 

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At-home wound care sis among the many services available through Home, Health & Hospice Care. Courtesy Photo

Screen Shot 2019 08 11 at 11.48.06 AMMANCHESTER, NH – As part of an effort to bridge the gap between acute care and rehabilitative services, SolutionHealth (parent organization of Elliot Health System and Southern New Hampshire Health) and Home Health & Hospice Care (HHHC) have executed a joint letter of intent (LOI) to discuss the value of combining services to better serve people of southern New Hampshire.    

“We believe that the combined expertise between Home Health & Hospice Care and SolutionHealth will improve patient experience and healthcare outcomes,” said John Getts, HHHC President and CEO, in a press release issued recently by the two organizations.

The boards of both organizations, in separate meetings, authorized the letter of intent. The proposed affiliation is subject to due diligence, the negotiation of definitive transaction documents, and review by state and federal regulatory agencies.   

According to the press release, the LOI provides the initial set of principles that will guide the proposed affiliation with HHHC, including the Community Hospice House, in principle operating as part of SolutionHealth, alongside Elliot Health System and the VNA of Manchester and Southern New Hampshire Health and developing a fully integrated, regionally-coordinated system of post-acute care.  

Leaders of the two organizations believe that the proposed affiliation will allow for increased access to clinical expertise, seamless information technology, and new and innovative programs and services, all utilizing the expertise of two of the region’s most experienced home health agencies as a foundation. 

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Patients can receive Advanced Illness Management services (AIM) through hospice care. Courtesy Photo.

“We believe that the combined expertise between Home Health & Hospice Care and SolutionHealth will improve patient experience and healthcare outcomes,” Getts added. 

If the affiliation goes through, HHHC would retain its name and remain an independently licensed, not-for-profit, charitable health care organization. While it would become part of the SolutionHealth family, HHHC will maintain its own board of trustees, community connections, and fundraising activities. 

“Our goal is to provide a comprehensive suite of services to ensure access to high-quality post-acute care throughout southern New Hampshire,” said Sherry Hausmann, President and CEO of SolutionHealth. “We could not have done this independently. HHHC is a true leader in post-acute care and we are honored to be partnering with them to provide these important services to our community.”

So what does this mean for patients?

According to Hausmann and Getts, the affiliation would benefit providers and patients alike and close gaps in care.  The two sides further stated that because of the proposed collaboration, patient outcomes would be improved and there would be greater access to care, increased population health offerings, and improvements to clinical and operational efficiency. The plan also follows the trend in recent years toward advanced care outside of the acute setting.  The COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated that trend, the two parties contend, spurring an increase in innovations in, and demand for, care at home.   

Assuming satisfactory completion of final due diligence and regulatory reviews, the parties expect the proposed affiliation to take effect later this year. Part of the process would include listening sessions where residents are invited to learn more.  These forums will be announced at a later date. 

About SolutionHealth ( SolutionHealth is a highly coordinated, regional health care network founded by Elliot Health System and Southern New Hampshire Health. Its purpose is to better serve the health care needs and interests of southern New Hampshire as a region by improving and increasing access, quality, value, and community benefits. 

About Home Health & Hospice Care ( Home Health & Hospice Care has been a provider of services since 1883, making it the region’s oldest provider of home care services. Serving 25 communities in southern New Hampshire, including Nashua, Derry, Salem, Merrimack, and beyond, HHHC provides traditional home care, including nursing, rehabilitation, therapies, medical social work, and licensed nursing assistants.  HHHC’s hospice team cares for patients in their homes, in nursing facilities, and in a Community Hospice House owned and operated by HHHC. 

About the VNA of Manchester and Southern New Hampshire ( The VNA of Manchester and Southern New Hampshire is a subsidiary of Elliot Health System and a member of SolutionHealth and has been a provider of home care services since 1897, helping residents of the Greater Manchester community recover from surgery and face the challenges of physical disabilities and short-term, chronic, or life-limiting illnesses. VNA serves 42 communities.  Services are provided in the home and include traditional homecare as well as telehealth remote monitoring and virtual visits.  Hospice care is provided in homes and nursing facilities.


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