Concerned Taxpayers welcome 6 candidates, call for invalidation of charter commission election

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The Concerned Taxpayers of Manchester issued a statement following the city’s municipal elections. CTM Chairman Jim Gaudet said the organization was very pleased that the voters elected a veto-proof number of candidates who pledged not to override the city’s tax cap. All six victors, incumbent aldermen Joe Kelly Levasseur (R-at-Large), Keith Hirschman (R-Ward 12) and Elizabeth Moreau (R-Ward 6), and newcomers Jim Roy (D-Ward 4), Ross Terrio (R-Ward 7) and Mike Porter (R-Ward 8), were endorsed by CTM based on their responses to the organizations questionnaire and past records, if available.

While CTM endorsee Victoria Sullivan was not successful in her uphill fight for mayor against an entrenched, heavily funded Democratic machine, she performed admirably in putting taxpayer concerns and issues in the forefront of this race. The CTM was proud of its endorsement of her candidacy and believes Sullivan will be a force to be reckoned with in future races. The CTM remains disappointed and concerned that Mayor Joyce Craig spurned several invitations, including an open one to choose a date, to debate Sullivan in front of its members, despite securing Union Leader reporter Paul Feely to ask the questions and moderate the debate.

Should the School Charter Commission survive the “further legal proceedings” referenced in the NH Supreme Court order that blocked the superior court’s injunction of that election, Gaudet said the CTM urged those fiscally responsible members to demand the inclusion of the existing tax cap and meaningful conflict of interest provisions that meted out consequences for violators. Gaudet said the CTM agreed with the superior court’s ruling and that the election should be invalidated because the city failed to follow the statute creating the commission.