Community invited to Oct. 27 informational session on heroin

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Chris Hickey, left, with Hillside PTO president Jim O’Connell, introducing a recent version of the presentation on heroin, “Not Even Once, modified for middle schoolers.”

MANCHESTER, NH –A public presentation of a drug-awareness program designed for the city’s high school students will be held Oct. 27 at Parker Varney School, 223 James Pollock Drive from 6 to 8 p.m.

The preview is meant to educate the public and give parents an opportunity to preview the content of the program, put together by the city’s EMS Director Chris Hickey.

Also included in the presentation will be a public service announcement put together by Manchester Public Television including stories told by those who have been caught up in the drug epidemic – a mother who lost her son in January to a heroin overdose, and a woman from Auburn who talks about battling her way back from addiction.

“It’s very powerful – sad but powerful,” Barry said.

As an alderman, Barry said he has been on a mission to educate himself, along with his colleagues, about all the “moving parts” of the heroin epidemic.

“There’s so much that has to be done, but what I’m going to concentrate on is what can be done here in Manchester – this is a problem that our city has to face, but we also need help from the state and the federal government,” Barry said.

“There’s nothing more urgent than what’s going on now, and we all know it. The state legislators and senate need to keep their eyes open and look at the whole picture,” Barry said.

The event is open to the public. Viewer discretion is advised for those younger than high school age, Barry said.

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