Communicast: Reinvent yourself with Bruce Jones The Book Guy

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Bruce Jones the Book Guy with Keith Spiro’s Communicast.

“Don’t like the choices you’re faced with? Reinvent yourself,” says friend and publishing expert, J Bruce Jones, well known online as Bruce the Book Guy. “First, write down everything you know. Everything you are good at.”

Don’t drop out here. This story is about so much more than just becoming a published writer (even though some 80 percent of all adults surveyed say they’d love to write a book). Bruce focuses on products and marketing. His forte is book publishing but so much of what he says can apply to almost anything. Technology has dramatically changed the world of commerce. Think Amazon which owns no inventory, Uber & Lyft which own no vehicles. Bruce will be the first to tell you that to transition from employee at a desk, to the freedom to work from anywhere, you need only an idea to start your business.

The five biggest gatekeepers have fallen:

  • Broadcasting (you’re here, right?)
  • Publishing
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Distribution (you don’t need inventory)

What Bruce says is “disruption in traditional broadcasting, publishing, marketing, advertising and distribution has created low and no cost alternatives to the traditional gatekeepers” who might prevent an individual from launching.

Now is your time to take that chance. COVID19 has created your opportunity by reducing the all-powerful “Resistance to Change” as the world scrambles to adapt and adjust in the wake of this global transformation.

Video meetings have turned every day into a casual dress day, work from home has found new champions. Acceptance of background and family disruptions are temporarily the norm as business figures out how to get things done.

As Dan Szczesny suggested in a previous #communicast session, whatever it is you want to do or wanted to be, now is the time to learn that new something that will make a difference in your life.

Years ago it was Lew Sabbag, Bruce Jones and I who took a small meetup group from 25 to over a thousand members by doing just that – and sharing it via video and blogging. Today, Bruce runs an open Facebook group called How to publish your book with over 4,500 members. He has over thirty books available on Amazon. The new world of homeschooling has driven his business in unexpected ways.

Those five gatekeepers – have low cost and no-cost alternatives

  • Broadcast- Youtube and Facebook Live – message the world for free
  • Publishing – Kindle and KDP (Amazon)
  • Marketing – social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest
  • Advertising – you can narrowly & tightly focus with Facebook Ads
  • Distribution – print on demand from shirts and clothing to books and mugs
Photo of Keith Spiro sporting an ink link t shirt for communicast
Keith Spiro sporting an Ink Link T-shirt for #Communicast

Want to get started in publishing? – check out Bruce’s Facebook group and his Bruce The Book Guy blog. 

Want to get a boost in how to rethink your situation? – watch our video interview and search out your particular area of Interest. Remember, it starts with writing down a list of the things you know, the things you are good at and then, get started. Learn something new. Break something. Try again. Team up with a friend or reach out to others who are where you’d like to be.