City seeks Healthy Homes Production Grant applicants

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MANCHESTER, N.H. – The City of Manchester Planning and Community Development Department is inviting property owners of single-family residential structures or multi-family residential structures that qualify to apply for the Healthy Homes Production Grant Program to assist property owners with housing-related health and safety hazards.

The Healthy Homes Production Grant Program is funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and its purpose is to support property owners with single-family residential or multi-family structures within Manchester. In order to qualify, these properties must have persons 62 years or older and/or persons with disabilities and/or a child under 18 years of age residing or visiting the property. Among these qualifications, incomes must also not exceed 80% of low/moderate income guidelines as defined by HUD.

With the Healthy Homes Production Grant Program, the City of Manchester will perform Healthy Homes interventions in approximately 100 units of housing and can provide up to $10,000 per unit to support performing these interventions. Along with the grant funding, property owners are required to provide a minimum 10% property owner match of the overall cost of the project. Property owners who participate in the program will receive assistance in the form of a three-year 0% interest forgivable loan. A three-year compliance period will follow the completion of the project and upon meeting the requirements of the compliance period, the loan will be forgiven.

Much of Manchester’s affordable housing stock was built more than 50 years ago and many housing options are in need of rehabilitation and renovation. With the benefit of the Healthy Homes Production Grant Program, these funds will help protect families and children by eliminating significant home health and safety hazards. Some of the Healthy Homes interventions may include: addressing deficient electrical systems; repairs or upgrades to plumbing, roofing, heating and ventilation systems; integrated pest management; mold remediation; radon mitigation; asbestos testing and removal; ADA upgrades to help increase accessibility for properties; other interventions may also be possible dependent upon the needs of the individuals residing in units.

For more information on this program and to apply, please visit or email

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