City crews, police tighten up curfews at city parks, clear abandoned belongings from Victory Park

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Police officers clearing unclaimed items and trash left behind at Victory Park on Sept. 15. Photo/Jeffrey Hastings

MANCHESTER, NH – Manchester Police Chief Alan Aldenberg on Wednesday showed up at Victory Park along with several officers to assist workers from the DPW and Parks and Recreation in cleaning up abandoned belongings. The items were left behind after people who’d been sleeping there were asked to move along.

Before the start of the school year, Bronstein Park located near Central High School and used by students during the school year, was cleaned up and about a dozen homeless people who normally congregated at the park moved a few blocks away, to Victory Park.
Victory Park is located across from the city library and New England College. Several makeshift tents, along with bicycles, umbrellas from restaurants, and trash were left behind. An electrical box that controls the lighting had been pulled off a wall.
A police officer carries items left at Victory Park to a DPW truck as city workers cleaned up after people who had been asked to leave the park after taking it over. Photo/Jeffrey Hastings

People in the park were asked by the city to gather their belongings and given an opportunity to remove items. Anything that remained was removed and placed in a waiting garbage truck.

Police are expected to begin strictly enforcing the curfew in the city parks which is posted on signs for each park.
State of New Hampshire officials recently visited an encampment located near Exit 4 on-ramp off Second Street by request of Manchester Health Department and city officials after complaints came in about it, including from Ward 12 Alderman Keith Hirschmann, who brought the matter to the board during a meeting earlier this month. At that time, Mayor Joyce Craig told Hirschmann the city was looking into it.
Pedestrians walking to and from the encampment regularly walk across the highway on-ramp and 293 to access the location. The city cited it as a dangerous situation, and some people have moved from the camp after eviction signs were posted.
Police along with DPW employees were tasked with cleaning up Victory Park after some homeless people who had been staying there were asked to move along. Photo/Jeffrey Hastings


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