Falcon update: 4 of the 5 eggs have hatched atop Brady Sullivan tower – watch live

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Four of the five peregrine eggs have hatched.

UPDATE: May 7, 2020: We sneaked a peek at the peregrine action cam late Thursday night and found that a fourth hatchling had arrived. There is one remaining egg yet to hatch.

It looked like mama peregrine and her eyasses were getting to be pros at the whole feeding thing, as you can see from the above photo.

You can also check in on them via the live falcon-watch cams atop Brady Sullivan Tower.

Breakfast is served for the first two peregrine eyasses which hatched Saturday atop Brady Sullivan tower. YOUTUBE/screenshot

UPDATE, May 5: A third eyas hatched May 4. Below is a screenshot of the trio getting to know one another as of Tuesday morning.

Three peregrine falcon chicks waiting for mama to return.

MANCHESTER, NH — If you enjoy nature shows and watching the ups and downs of what it takes to raise your young in downtown Manchester then you may want to check out NH Audubon’s live peregrine cams, which are up and running. There are a few camera views to choose from here.

We checked out the one below this morning and got a clear view of two hatchlings (fun fact: proper name for a baby falcon is eyas) watching breakfast being prepared (warning, graphic footage of breakfast being prepared.)

Two of the five eyasses hatched on May 2. The peregrines have been nesting in the Brady Sullivan tower for more than a decade, and NH Audubon has been hovering over peregrine procreation for nearly 40 years.

Here’s a rundown from the current 2020 Manchester’s Peregrine Falcons Daily Log

Most times are from Feed 1.  F2 (Feed 2) and F3 (Feed 3) indicate times taken from those cameras.

(Please note:  This log is updated by volunteers while viewing the activity of the falcons.  There will be times where there are gaps in the timeline. We try to record all visits but an editor may not be available.)

(2017 Events) https://goo.gl/C5d3X3

(2018 Events) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ypYJrXLbr

(2019 Events) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MuwatspIw8Hy7SP2vPuOA3yCz2RiY1QV-VME5Bk2_WY/edit?usp=sharing

Development of a Peregrine Falcon:


Art of Hatching an Egg:


Webinar with NH Audubon and Hooksett Memorial School –  https://youtu.be/LQe6bBovCvE


Naming the Eyasses – 4th-grade students from Hooksett will be researching New Hampshire towns to use as names for the eyasses.  Viewers voted and the top 4 towns are Alexandria (Xander), Henniker (Hank), Madison (Madi) and Woodstock (Woodsie). If the 5th egg hatches it will be named Colby in honor of Maria Colby, our local rehabilitator.  

Egg Laid (EST) Egg Hatched Gender Band # Fledged
Egg 1 3/24/20 8:20 am 5/02/20- 1:55:54 am
Egg 2 3/26/20 9:55 pm 5/02/20- 1:45.33 pm
Egg 3 3/29/20 9:03 am 5/4/20- 2:12 pm
Egg 4 3/31/20 8.04 pm 5/6/20 -6:30 PM
Egg 5 4/3/20 9:22 am


During incubation time, log updates will be sporadic.  If anything happens outside of laying on the eggs, we will try to record it.

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