Cheap and easy: the $5 lunch

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lunch Manchester
Ignite offers a selection of $5 lunches, Monday-Friday


MANCHESTER, NH –  Your lunch doesn’t have to be a budget-buster, boring or chained to your desk. These $5 lunches will get you out of the office and keep your midday meals quick and cheap, leaving you satisfied you got a good deal.


N’awlins Grille serves a bunch of $5 Creole lunch specials, Monday-Friday , 11:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. Check out the Muffaletta, red beans & rice, Jambalaya, pulled pork sammie and pulled chicken tacos.

N'awlins Grille pulled chicken tacos
Nawlins Grille pulled chicken tacos

Milly’s Tavern switches up their offers a special $5 lunch menu weekly. Served Monday-Friday from 11 a.m.- 2 p.m. Call for details.

Ignite offers $5 Lunches, Monday-Friday and the menu includes shepherd’s pie, chicken pot pie, meatloaf, pan-seared Tilapia and soup & grilled cheese sandwich.

Firefly has a huge $5 lunch menu, offered Monday- Friday. Check out the orecchiette baked mac and cheese, the ultimate BLT, ham and Swiss melt, a Sloppy Joe and grilled chicken Caesar wrap. Sandwiches served with house made chips.

Joker’s Bistro is serving up comfort at lunch with several $5 options, like chicken pot pie, Panko and herb crusted Tilapia, open face meatloaf sandwich, and shepherd’s pie.

Firefly's baked mac & cheese
Baked mac & cheese at Firefly


Simons Pizza and Roast Beef– offers up a menu of burgers named after New England states. There’s the Vermont, crowned with cheese ($4.95), Maine with a thick slice of onion ($4.95) and the Rhode Island – plain, no nonsense ($4.75). Sides extra.

Belmont Hall has a good sandwich menu, all served on fresh baked bread, (gluten free is available) look for roasted chicken, carved daily ($4.69), meatloaf ($4.99), pulled pork ($4.99) or a Western ($4.49). Sides extra.

Pizza Express 2 offers a 5oz. hot roast beef sandwich ($4.95), cheese burger ($4.95) and grilled chicken sandwich ($4.95). Sides extra.

Pappy’s Pizza The menu here offers a variety of burgers ($3.50-$4.95), and a bacon cheese dog ($3.50) or a grilled cheese and tomato ($3.95). Sides extra.

Jimmy’s House of Pizza this West side institution offers 8” subs ($5), including meatball, sausage, ham & cheese, roast beef, cheeseburger, tuna, veal parm and cheeseburger. Cash only.jimmys

Golden Rod has an extensive menu of sandwiches and burgers for under $5. Check out the chili dog ($2.75), double cheeseburger ($4.39) Western or Eastern sandwiches ($3.29) and Greek salad ($4.49).

Souvlaki Pizza Here all of the small subs are under $5, Check out the steak and cheese ($4.55), the grilled chicken ($4.75), or hot pastrami ($4.40). Also, large Greek salad ($5).

Julien’s Corner Kitchen Not just for breakfast, they serve a BLT ($4.50), 6oz hamburger ($4.95), grilled ham & cheese ($4.50), Western sandwich ($4.75) and a Texas grilled cheese ($3.75).  All served with choice of sides.

The Dug Out this new downtown sports bar serves up a fast BLT with fries ($4.99)


Alley Cat grab a slice of cheese $2.05), one topping ($2.35) or specialty ($2.65)

Sal’s Pizza Here a slice of pizza here is a quarter of an XL pizza, 3lb pizza. Available in cheese ($3.49) to 3+ toppings ($4.99), a slice is a meal.

Hot Stone Pizzeria grab two slices (cheese or pepperoni) with a 20oz drink ($4.99)


China Wind offers a special lunch combo plate ($4.75) that varies weekly. The plate comes with pork fried rice, soup and an egg roll. Call for details.

Great Wall on Amory Street

Great Wall rumor has it this West side take out spot has fantastic, daily super specials that can’t be beat and fall under $5. Unfortunatley, no website for details. Call 603-623-5099

New Wa Toy offers lunch combo specials available Monday through Saturday. Look for pork egg foo young with pork fried rice ($4.60) and subgum pork chow mein, boneless spareribs and pork fried rice ($4.85).

Aloha serves lunch specials Monday through Saturday, like pork chop suey ($4.95), pork fried rice ($4.50) or chicken chow mein ($4.75).

Yee Dynasty serves lunch combo specials Monday through Saturday combo. Look for pork chow mein, pork fried rice and egg roll ($4.75), and egg foo young, pork fried rice and egg roll ($4.75)

Heng Won lunch combo specials served all day, seven days a week. Look for pork chow mein, chicken fingers, pork fried rice ($5), and egg foo young, boneless spareribs, pork fried rice ($5)


Margie’s Dream Diner this Hayward Street spot serves poutine ($4.99), BLT with homemade potato chips ($4.79) or two hot dogs on a grilled roll with hand cut fries ($4.99).

Red Arrow two eggs with pan fries ($3.99), plus a selection of sandwiches –  like grilled cheese with ham ($4.99), a Western ($3.99) or chicken salad ($4.25).


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