Celebrity Deaths Video: 2021 Edition

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In August of this year, my father died. It was very sudden, too. Painful and sudden. One moment he was here with me, the next moment he was gone.

From now on, rather than hear my dad’s voice every day, I will now try to remember the sound of his voice… every day.

This is my first Celebrity Deaths video since 2018. I had been too busy with other projects that my Celebrity Deaths series had been put on the back burner. I actually didn’t intend to make one this year either. Having a weekly radio show here in Manchester has consumed quite a bit of my time, and every year these celeb videos take me a month to put together. I had been contemplating whether or not to make one this year since about November… which is when I typically start producing it in time for the annual New Years’ Eve premiere on my YouTube Channel.

About two weeks ago, in the middle of December, I decided I was once again not going to make a celeb video in 2021, and just scrapped the idea. Then, this past Sunday, on December 26th, late in the afternoon, just five days before New Years’ Eve, I decided to stop making excuses and produce a video after all. I knew time was of the essence in this case, because as mentioned earlier, I usually start working on the celeb death videos in November every year. But this time I had five days to prove to myself I could pull it off.

My father would have told me I can do it. I can almost hear the sound of his voice. This year’s edition is filled with dozens of people we all know and love, many of which died for all the wrong reasons. Rest in peace… and thank you for the everlasting entertainment.


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