Palm Sunday: Holy Week and the symbolism of the palm branch

Symbolically, Palm Sunday is a declaration of victory over sin. It marks the end of Jesus’ earthly ministry as, this week would be his last week before dying on Good Friday. All of the events of Holy Week would be understood more clearly after Christ’s resurrection, Sunday morning. Palm Sunday was a procession of a king of another kind. One that would die to save His people, and die to pay for the sins of the whole world. READ MORE
photo of Tomie dePaola by Keith Spiro

Remembering Tomie dePaola

I first met Tomie dePaola, the way I imagine most people did, through his illustrations and books.  Strega Nona and Big Anthony came to life for my kids and more recently for my grand-kids. The kindly every-person’s Italian grandma. Loving and feisty with an always-full-magic pot of pasta. Of course, she had to save her small town from being overrun by pasta when Big Anthony did what any little child could imagine doing — misusing the witch’s magic and getting into trouble. READ MORE

The Days of Doris: Mary Anne Barothy’s sentimental journey

If director Quentin Tarantino was in need of a consultant for his latest film, “Once Upon A Time in Hollywood,” he could’ve easily consulted with Mary Anne Barothy as a first-hand resource. Not only did the midwestern born Barothy meet her long time idol, international superstar Doris Day, for four years she lived in Day’s home as her private secretary, sharing Day’s tragedies, triumphs and intimate moments. READ MORE

Pivot: How Studio Lab is embracing the need to change during COVID-19 crisis and creating an artistic community along the way

Just a few days after the depressing reality of cancelled shows happened, Studio Labs & Events United hosted one of the largest live streaming events in the history of the industry. On St. Patrick’s Day, the Drop Kick Murphy’s performed their annual free concert from Studio Lab in a streaming event that brought in approximately 10 million viewers and united a country for a moment of community and happy distraction in a week of palpable anxiety and uncertainty. READ MORE

Coronavirus made me the Delilah of local music radio, and I liked it

Each caller was candid about how they’re managing life during the musical drought inspired by the Coronavirus. Some were more upbeat than others.  Some hid the despair better than others.  And some just didn’t give a fuck. Instead of taking a mental pounding from the fear and consternation, they just started writing new songs, they said, peeling through the unfinished numbers and piecing that shit together.  Hit the ground running with a new bag of tricks when life resumes, which, by all indications by our President, you’ll be back to work before the big spike hits. READ MORE