Here’s how NH can spend the last $38M of CARES Act money and address homelessness

There are lots of industrial buildings for sale around the state right now because, hey, times have been rough. Some of them seem ideal for a longer-term solution to stabilizing the unsheltered. In advance, I want to say that I’m working off a commercial properties Real Estate listing site called LoopNet, and maybe some of these properties are already in negotiation or spoken for. These are just some obvious examples. READ MORE


Act of God or municipal malfunction? Jan. 7 water main break leaves family carless

I’m no legal expert. But when I hear “act of God,” I think about hurricanes and tornadoes, Noah-level floods, plagues of frogs, stuff like that. Especially here in New Hampshire, snow and cold temperatures don’t strike me as an act of God. More like the cold hard latitude and longitude of living in the northeast. We prepare for it. We allow for it when it comes to things like buying a year’s worth of road salt, or setting aside enough money to pay plow drivers overtime during a snow storm. READ MORE