When God and the Big Bunny collide

Friday, April 19, 2019 Carol Robidoux 2
What’s Easter all about? Generally speaking, the mash-up of fun holiday rituals and religious rites are simply that. The true meaning of Easter belongs to those who celebrate it in whatever way they choose to in a free country like ours. READ MORE

Act of God or municipal malfunction? Jan. 7 water main break leaves family carless

Thursday, January 18, 2018 Carol Robidoux 5
I’m no legal expert. But when I hear “act of God,” I think about hurricanes and tornadoes, Noah-level floods, plagues of frogs, stuff like that. Especially here in New Hampshire, snow and cold temperatures don’t strike me as an act of God. More like the cold hard latitude and longitude of living in the northeast. We prepare for it. We allow for it when it comes to things like buying a year’s worth of road salt, or setting aside enough money to pay plow drivers overtime during a snow storm. READ MORE