The VA Manager Residence: A legacy worth saving

Monday, November 11, 2019 Aurore Eaton 0
The Heritage Commission recently learned that the VA ended the Section 106 process, and that the mitigation will not include saving the Manager’s Residence. The VA is no longer being required to consult with the local community regarding the future of the Manager’s Residence, and efforts to open up a dialogue have been rebuffed.  READ MORE

The Soapbox: Why I Am Voting for Victoria Sullivan for Mayor

Sunday, November 3, 2019 Raymond Wieczorek 0
Thirty years later, Manchester is again at the crossroads. People are increasingly questioning whether our better days are behind us or if this city is worth fighting for. Young families increasingly choose the suburbs rather than living in Manchester and much of the economic growth that has incurred in the region is happening in towns like Bedford, Derry and Londonderry rather than in our city. Crime is becoming commonplace, homelessness an excepted part of city life, drug abuse all too familiar to our citizens, and everywhere in the city we are beginning to see declining neighborhoods and a lack of community spirit. Simply put, we need a change of leadership at City Hall. READ MORE

Congress: End surprise billing without compromising patient care

Wednesday, October 23, 2019 Bette Lasky 0
The cost of health care in New Hampshire and across the country is quite simply too high, preventing many patients from accessing the vital services and procedures they need to live healthier lives. That’s why, as Congress returns to session in the coming weeks, they must recommit to efforts to end the unfair practice of surprise medical billing. READ MORE