We must regain our moral compass

Have we as a nation lost our moral compass? At a time when our lives should be better, they are not. When we should be looking to our leaders for direction, we find nothing. I have lived in the best of times and have benefitted from hard work and the opportunities given to me. My work as a public servant has made me feel that I am part of trying to make things better. But I see today that the opportunities I had as a young man are less abundant than they once were, and that those whom we once looked to for direction are not the pillars of leadership they once were either.  READ MORE

‘Equal Justice Under Law’: A message from the NH Bar Association

The Bar Association recognizes that individual attorneys may have personal reactions regarding the recent events. That is their right, but their statements are not statements of the Bar Association. The Bar Association’s mission is the administration of justice. That means promoting a system of laws that guarantees equal rights for all citizens of all races. This is not a political view. It is the law. It is a bedrock principle of American justice. Our mission, motto, and purpose demand action, especially now, so that equal justice becomes a reality for all citizens. READ MORE

Charter school teachers & students rally to help their communities during COVID-19 crisis

No one could have imagined the many challenges that New Hampshire public schools would face this year due to the COVID-19 crisis. Despite these hardships charter school teachers, students and administrators rallied across the state to help others in this time of need. There are many examples of these exceptional efforts, please allow me to share just a few. READ MORE

Teacher, advocate, ambassador, legend: ‘The Ms. Naccach experience’ has made all the difference

If it were a city, it would be a big one – like New York.  Its Times Square would be the spot where the ground floors of the James and the Burns buildings intersect.  It is from a tiny, windowless office in that precise location that Selma Naccach-Hoff has chaired Central’s English department for roughly half of her 45-year career as a teacher and mentor to thousands of Manchester kids.  It is from this perspective that she has watched the rich pageant of four generations of American high school students march by day after day. READ MORE

Money from state intended to improve schools must go to schools

This is the confounding situation we find ourselves in right now. Manchester schools have received a check for $7.5 million from the state that can’t be cashed unless the Aldermen vote to override the incoming revenue portion of the tax cap. This one-time override requires a supermajority (10 of 15) Aldermen to understand and agree to this technicality and vote to override the cap so that Manchester schools can use the funds allocated to them by the State. READ MORE

The Soapbox: ‘We’re on a frightening path of injustice’

The governor has two choices right now, and only one of them leads us back to the liberty we once celebrated on July 4 every year: 1) Allow the emergency orders and the State of Emergency to expire, apologize for his overstep, and let everyone slowly get back to normal, or 2) Continue down the road of injustice and face the necessary consequences of that path. There is no in-between. READ MORE