HB 544: Effort to shut down conversations on race and gender in government an abdication of responsibility

We know for this country to live up to its promise of a multiracial democracy where Black, Brown and White communities can thrive together, we are going to have to talk together about racial justice, gender justice and what justice for all really means, in particular within government. Against the wishes of the majority of Americans and its employees, some don’t want those conversations to happen. READ MORE

What’s it going to take to end youth homelessness in NH?

Youth stay under the radar, they couch surf, work regular jobs, may even attend classes at school, and in many ways look like your average young adult.  They are resourceful and resilient, and they are often experiencing homelessness for the first time– which makes them especially vulnerable. Most Granite Staters aren’t aware of their existence. But we are. READ MORE

The Soapbox: NH’s U.S. Senators – thanks for doing what is right for NH

In NH fashion, Senators Shaheen and Hassan listened to those who would be most impacted by eliminating the tip wage and made the difficult political decision to break with leadership and party to vote against the bill.  Tipped restaurant employees in NH were not asking for this; in fact, most are against it as they make more in tips than the minimum wage, including the proposed hike to $15 per hour. READ MORE