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Review: Fiona Davis weaves a fascinating tale about NYC’s Dakota in ‘The Address’

Anyone been to Strawberry Fields in Central Park lately?  Did you see the amazing hulk of the Dakota apartment building across the street? You will definitely want to know more about this building and the people who lived there. And The Address makes finding out a really fun read and a great whodunnit from 1884 – 1985 about this iconic place. READ MORE
Monica Reads

Monica Reads: Get To Know ‘The One Man’

This book is a brilliant tease of information and insightful incidents that happened in horrific times of the past. In the end, you will know who the “one man” is. The book delves into the losses and guilt that people shared at that time. We get a view of the helpless victims and the evil doers and their motivations. Go to your library and get this book.