City Hall

Open letter from city leaders: Homeless encampments ‘a difficult situation for everyone’

The State has stepped forward and has agreed to provide and pay for essential services to these encampments, including restroom facilities, hand washing stations, food, and trash removal. In addition, the Manchester Police Department was awarded a Justice Assistance Grant, funding 24/7 police presence at the encampments, and increased patrols in the surrounding neighborhoods. Finally, the Manchester Fire Department and outreach workers have established a COVID Response Unit, providing infection control and safety measures. All of these services will be provided at no cost to the City of Manchester. READ MORE

Letter: Plan to phase-in dining-out shortsighted – what about the workers?

That is all well and good but what about the workers?  What about the people crammed into the kitchen for hours on end?  What about the servers who are now coming face-to-face with every customer who comes through the door? As much as we are thinking about the patrons, we should also be thinking about the workers.  Are we putting the workers health and safety at risk?   READ MORE
Letters to the Editor

Letters: Relapse is Part of the Addiction, NOT Part of the Recovery 

No, what really and truly galls and angers me is a single sentence, used as the headline for the piece: “What is critical for our community to understand is that relapse is part of the recovery process.” No, my friends, that is exactly what we in the recovery community know to be false, misleading, and potentially fatal for anyone who puts it into practice.  READ MORE