Let’s keep the conversation going to make remote learning equitable for kids with disabilities

When schools moved to remote learning in March, children impacted by disability faced difficult challenges due to the sudden change in schedule and loss of familiar routines and therapies. This triggered regression in behavior and loss of language and motor skills, so for those families to be able to use their experiences to ask direct questions and have them answered by school officials was a great benefit. READ MORE

An open letter to Gov. Sununu: Let’s close the gaps for business owners and communities of color

Diversity, equity and inclusion are not about good intentions or lip service. It’s about how we act and the impact we make on those we serve. Governor, I am afraid that if we do not create programs and allocate resources to support our black, brown and new immigrant community, we will see the devastating effect it will have on small businesses, which are barely hanging on. READ MORE
Letters to the Editor

Letters: Where is GOP leadership? Silence over boorish booing at mention of BLM = complicity

“However, at the recent session in Durham and in a shocking breach of decorum given the subject, some Republican reps booed when “Black Lives Matter” was mentioned. This was during the introduction of a bill against police brutality. The NH House minority leader, Merrimack’s Dick Hinch, has chosen to remain silent and hasn’t condemned this juvenile and boorish behavior.” READ MORE
Letters to the Editor

Letter: Community leaders must ‘give thought to the impact of your words on all stakeholders’

Three weeks ago, Alderman Michael Porter made some very disparaging remarks about Manchester teachers on a public Facebook group Manchester (NH) School Chat. I confronted him as I thought it very inappropriate for a public official to be offering unedited opinions in a public venue. He was quite dismissive of my feedback, insisting he had every right to express any opinion he chose READ MORE