Palm Sunday: Holy Week and the symbolism of the palm branch

Symbolically, Palm Sunday is a declaration of victory over sin. It marks the end of Jesus’ earthly ministry as, this week would be his last week before dying on Good Friday. All of the events of Holy Week would be understood more clearly after Christ’s resurrection, Sunday morning. Palm Sunday was a procession of a king of another kind. One that would die to save His people, and die to pay for the sins of the whole world. READ MORE
COVID-19 in NH: Latest news and updates

Please Governor Sununu, hear the NH residents at this time and close our parks immediately

This is causing us more concern since people from other states who have higher numbers of COVID-19 are coming to our recreational area instead of following the request to stay in their homes!  These same people are entering into our grocery stores, restaurant pick up areas, and other essential spaces which is causing more of a possibility of the spread of COVID-19 to our community essential workers to not mention the actual community. READ MORE
COVID-19 in NH: Latest news and updates

Remote Learning is a marathon, not a sprint

In anticipation of the first week of remote learning, I turned our monthly chalkboard calendar into a daily schedule. I anticipated some hurdles, and the need to tweak the schedule along the way. As a former teacher, I believed this would keep my 16-year-old son learning, my three-year-old daughter engaged, and leave time for my husband, pets, meals, and all of my work obligations. READ MORE
City Hall

Mayor Craig: ‘In these trying times, you are looking after your family and your health, while we are looking out for you’ 

Right now, our city is faced with a challenge beyond our control. But it will not last forever. I want you to know that I, along with the Aldermen and the School Board, and city and school district employees are working diligently to respond to this pandemic in real-time while continuing to plan for the future in an uncertain time. READ MORE