An open letter to Gov. Sununu: Let’s close the gaps for business owners and communities of color

Diversity, equity and inclusion are not about good intentions or lip service. It’s about how we act and the impact we make on those we serve. Governor, I am afraid that if we do not create programs and allocate resources to support our black, brown and new immigrant community, we will see the devastating effect it will have on small businesses, which are barely hanging on. READ MORE
Letters to the Editor

Letters: Where is GOP leadership? Silence over boorish booing at mention of BLM = complicity

“However, at the recent session in Durham and in a shocking breach of decorum given the subject, some Republican reps booed when “Black Lives Matter” was mentioned. This was during the introduction of a bill against police brutality. The NH House minority leader, Merrimack’s Dick Hinch, has chosen to remain silent and hasn’t condemned this juvenile and boorish behavior.” READ MORE

Entertainment in Manchester circa the 1940s: Reflecting on 90 years of life with my pepere, Ed Neveu

Sitting across the same wooden coffee table that has existed in his house for several decades,  I readied my recorder knowing just how precious these words will mean to me as I grow older and my grandfather becomes another year closer to a century. I started with asking him about his experiences with music as he is always fascinated with the fact that our iPhones act more like a speaker than a true phone. READ MORE

We must regain our moral compass

Have we as a nation lost our moral compass? At a time when our lives should be better, they are not. When we should be looking to our leaders for direction, we find nothing. I have lived in the best of times and have benefitted from hard work and the opportunities given to me. My work as a public servant has made me feel that I am part of trying to make things better. But I see today that the opportunities I had as a young man are less abundant than they once were, and that those whom we once looked to for direction are not the pillars of leadership they once were either.  READ MORE

‘Equal Justice Under Law’: A message from the NH Bar Association

The Bar Association recognizes that individual attorneys may have personal reactions regarding the recent events. That is their right, but their statements are not statements of the Bar Association. The Bar Association’s mission is the administration of justice. That means promoting a system of laws that guarantees equal rights for all citizens of all races. This is not a political view. It is the law. It is a bedrock principle of American justice. Our mission, motto, and purpose demand action, especially now, so that equal justice becomes a reality for all citizens. READ MORE