Not That Profound

The Bizarro Bob Vila

Before resigning myself to this truth and accepting the fact that I’m useless as a handyman, I endured many uncomfortable conversations in a variety of backyards and bars, drinking beers with the guys, and praying no one would ask me for an opinion about a shed that was being built, or an engine in a car or a lawnmower. READ MORE
Granite State of Mind

There are a number of things I hate about COVID-19 but my inability to whiff No. 2 ain’t one of them

Losing my sense of smell has been delightful. Yes, it has.  I don’t need to smell. I’ve come to grips with it. And there was little internal wrestling involved. I bowed immediately, pledging my devotion to the consequences – if one chooses to call it that.  In fact, I’d be okay if I never smell anything or anyone ever again.   READ MORE

Rush Limbaugh: What one man could do – and did

No doubt the Limbaugh funeral will also draw some who simply wish to reassure themselves that the Limbaugh cadaver is really a corpse and that Rush is finally done talking, at least here on Earth. I heard someone on the TV say that Limbaugh’s was a voice of truth, “cutting through the noise.” Well, sometimes he was. At other times he was merely a megaphone amplifying the noise. READ MORE