Manchester School District Office

Explainer: Why didn’t Manchester Public Schools go remote on Tuesday?

Earlier this week, Manchester Ink Link received several questions from readers related to Manchester’s Public Schools. We’ve found answers for these questions. If you have questions about things going on in Manchester, e-mail Manchester Ink Link editor Carol Robidoux at or If we can find an answer for your question, we will publish here on Manchester Ink Link. READ MORE


Hillside Middle School: Happy to be a part of the village it takes

Hillside Middle School for years now has been a model of student-centered programming, student empowerment, team building, community building and more.  If you pay close enough attention, you will see it has relentlessly pursued opportunities and collaborations to benefit its students, families and community.  With so many inspirational examples to share, let’s enjoy a sampling from the two weeks leading up to Thanksgiving! READ MORE