Letters to the Editor

Letters: Where is GOP leadership? Silence over boorish booing at mention of BLM = complicity

“However, at the recent session in Durham and in a shocking breach of decorum given the subject, some Republican reps booed when “Black Lives Matter” was mentioned. This was during the introduction of a bill against police brutality. The NH House minority leader, Merrimack’s Dick Hinch, has chosen to remain silent and hasn’t condemned this juvenile and boorish behavior.” READ MORE

NH taxpayers could save $22 million a year if House votes in favor of HB1280

The New Hampshire legislature is on the verge of passing bipartisan legislation that could save taxpayers more than $22 million per year. On Wednesday, June 30th, the New Hampshire House will vote on HB1280, a bill to create a fair and competitive marketplace for pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs). The legislation passed the state senate last week by a unanimous vote of 24-0. READ MORE