Historian investigates now-felled Derry tree at the center of a local legend

An aged horse chestnut that was located, until this past summer, behind Association Hall in Derry is believed by some to have been planted by Matthew Thornton, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. But local historian and Derry Museum of History Curator Mark Mastromarino hopes to prove — or disprove — the local legend with scientific analysis and research. READ MORE
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Part 1: In Brattleboro, a new kind of police patrol pushes treatment, not jail

It’s a model that’s catching on. Looking for alternatives to arrest, police departments in Brattleboro and elsewhere are using their 24/7 presence and regular contact with drug users to refer them to treatment. While the details vary, in general, these departments put the word out that just about anyone can walk up to an officer — or into the police station — and ask for help. READ MORE