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Terminal cancer patient, Labor activist suing HHS to access medical marijuana

Wednesday, November 4, 2015 Carol Robidoux 0
Linda Horan of Alstead, who is suffering from Stage 4 lung cancer, filed a pre-registration application to participate in New Hampshire’s medical marijuana program after receiving approval from all five of her physicians. She wants to receive a medical marijuana ID card that will allow her to obtain medical marijuana legally in Maine and protect her from arrest and prosecution in New Hampshire. READ MORE
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Law enforcement, secret lists, and the trouble with ‘Laurie’ 20 years later

Monday, October 5, 2015 Carol Robidoux 0
There is also no way of knowing how many police officers have been wrongly placed on Laurie lists because of human error or internal police politics; how many qualified police officers have been silenced by being falsely designated a Laurie officer; how many drummed out of law enforcement because someone in power just didn’t like them. There is no way to answer those and many more questions because of the secrecy surrounding Laurie issues in New Hampshire, unlike a handful of states where police discipline is considered public information. READ MORE