Granite State of Mind

Emotional horror show: Killer, the bee, and my brush with eternity

Friday, July 27, 2018 Rob Azevedo 0
Wyatt had his hustle on, so I gave chase. That didn’t last long. Five steps in I went to my knees, then my face went crashing into the grass. Thump!  Right on my nose, hands free. I was later told by a group of friends who were standing not far away, leaning against my newly rediscovered Dodge Dakota, that I stood up, took one step and face planted 207 pounds of Dad girth back into the earth.  READ MORE
Granite State of Mind

Asking the musical question: What makes local music tick for you?

Thursday, January 11, 2018 Rob Azevedo 0
Yet, it’s a Monday night, and the Dark Wall of Winter has taken my soul.  Lethargy has swallowed me whole, weighing me down by fish hooks from the wrists.  So, I decided to blast a post out on Facebook and see what random music fanatics have to say about the current state of music in their lives and around the state.  READ MORE