How did we get here? Diagnosing the behavioral health crisis in New Hampshire

Friday, March 8, 2019 Michael Kitch 0
In-patient services are not sufficient to treat the numbers of mentally ill experiencing crises who require them. Out-patient and support services at the community level are not sufficient to stem the numbers requiring inpatient care. And housing, employment and other support services are not sufficient to ensure inpatients can be safely returned to the community in a timely manner. READ MORE

NH’s Hub and Spoke system: Traction or just spinning wheels?

“We gotta do something because it’s impacting everyday people,” Nick Toumpas said. “It’s impacting kids, its impacting adults, it’s impacting innocent people who are impacted by somebody else who has a problem with substance abuse — it’s an overall sense of urgency. They basically said it’s better to do something fast and then correct it as we go along, as opposed to stepping back and looking at it in a more measured way.” READ MORE
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Emergency Response Services: Answering the Call

Tuesday, January 29, 2019 Judi Currie 0
There are different models for providing emergency response services in the state. Some communities contract with a professional company to respond to their 911 calls. Others have their own force, often part of the fire department. Sometimes the service is provided by a local hospital, and some communities have volunteer organizations. READ MORE