Not everything is as it seems, sometimes it’s better

As I made my way through the aisles, I got a stare from a white male, maybe in his mid-30s to early-40s. He had a scraggly beard, work boots, faded jeans, and a worn T-shirt.  On his waist, an open-carry but holstered handgun. I’d made my complete assessment of him within seconds: Proud Boy member, Pro-White hate group, Far-right conservative.  I just knew that in the parking lot, he likely had a 4×4 pick-up truck that was plastered with inflammatory and divisive slogans, topped with at least 16 American flags. I’ve seen this all before. READ MORE

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In the ashes of his cabin, River Dave looks to the future

he hermit and logger known as River Dave had paddled down the river to see his former home Thursday, the day after a judge gave him 60 days to retrieve his belongings. The property looked nothing like it did when he left in mid-July, arrested by sheriff deputies for defying a court order to leave the land. He spent weeks in jail, insisting he had a right to be there. READ MORE