Veto override day: A guide for NH businesses

Bills that would set up a paid family and medical leave program, raise the minimum wage, boost clean energy initiatives and provide tenant protections are all on the chopping block following vetoes by Gov. Chris Sununu. And, although the bills’ backers will try to rescue at least some of them when the New Hampshire Legislature meets Wednesday to try to override those vetoes, they are not likely to succeed. READ MORE

Facing down NH’s demographic crisis: New book’s target remains state housing policies

What was once controversial has now become conventional wisdom: The workforce housing shortage issue is front and center as a major economic dilemma in the state. In 2020, the trio has returned with “Communities & Consequences II: Rebalancing New Hampshire’s Human Ecology,” a book, ongoing film project for New Hampshire PBS, and a community outreach program designed to assess and share organic community solutions to a vexing policy labyrinth. READ MORE

New poll workers step up to meet demand during pandemic

Poll workers are the semi-volunteer army of residents who issue ballots, register voters, and monitor voting machines at every polling station on Election Day. Cities and towns are responsible for hiring their own election workers, and the jobs are considered paid or volunteer depending on the community. Betsy McClain, Hanover’s town clerk, said her 120 poll workers don’t get cash, as per town custom. “We pay them in sugar cookies,” she said. READ MORE