Manchester’s Café Momo, on the line between safety and making it

Café Momo serves the traditional foods of the people of Nepal. They serve sour, tangy gundruk soup made from fermented mustard greens. Momos are the famous dumpling of Nepal. You can get meat momos or ones made with paneer (a kind of un-aged cheese) and spinach, all with cilantro, finely chopped cabbage, turmeric, carrots. Momos come with a dipping sauce with a bite called achar made with ginger and spicy mustard. READ MORE
COVID-19 in NH: Latest news and updates

Despite reduction in COVID-19 restrictions in NH, some restaurants stick to curbside

A new surge of COVID-19 infections in southern states has reversed Texas’ and Florida’s statewide reopening plans. New York City announced this week that it would postpone indoor dining indefinitely as infections in other states have been traced to bars and restaurants. New Jersey recently reversed its plan to reopen restaurants for indoor dining. READ MORE
Around Town

Kitchen Revenge, Part 1: How I saved a bundle and lost weight by thinking outside the pound

You don’t need TV financial analysts to tell you what your wallet has been feeling:  the steady climb of food prices since the onset of Covid-19.  Just last week, the U.S. Department of Labor reported that April saw the biggest one month increase at the nation’s grocery stores since 1974; a 4.3 percent increase in meat, poultry, fish and eggs, and a 7 percent across the board increase in all departments since this time last year.  READ MORE