My brief, imaginary brush with COVID-19, or, get tested; sure it sucks, but well worth it

The city of Manchester sent an email out to everyone who attended one of the high school graduations at Fisher Cat Stadium, suggesting we all get tested for COVID. I was at the stadium with about a thousand others, give or take, watching our kids walk the plank into mini-adulthood.  But, the city suggested we all get tested and it was FREE so, what the hell, you’re speaking my language.  I bit. READ MORE

Coronavirus made me the Delilah of local music radio, and I liked it

Each caller was candid about how they’re managing life during the musical drought inspired by the Coronavirus. Some were more upbeat than others.  Some hid the despair better than others.  And some just didn’t give a fuck. Instead of taking a mental pounding from the fear and consternation, they just started writing new songs, they said, peeling through the unfinished numbers and piecing that shit together.  Hit the ground running with a new bag of tricks when life resumes, which, by all indications by our President, you’ll be back to work before the big spike hits. READ MORE