Jay and Karen Lucas honored with inaugural ‘Dr. Sylvio Dupuis Excellence Award’ for community revitalization

Positive energy inspires positive change and gives positive results. That is the motto of entrepreneurial couple Jay and Karen Lucas, who applied that concept to a three-year effort to revitalize the town of Newport, NH.  The results?  A renovated opera house, upgraded educational facilities and programs, re-launched local newspaper and a reinvigorated town center. READ MORE

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They did it ‘Wesley’s Way’: New Green Acres school playground built in 2 days as memorial to beloved son

“We want to thank Wesley, first and foremost, for dialing up this amazing weather. He greeted us with a rainbow when we first arrived and he’s been supporting us ever since,” said Bill Lavin, founder of Where Angels Play. “Angels is another word for hero. Some people believe in angels. We know there are angels. So if you’re a little unsure, there’s enough of us to believe in angels for the rest of us. I promise you that.” READ MORE


Juneteenth Celebrations around New Hampshire

Now a federal holiday, Juneteenth, which commemorates the end of slavery in the United States, is a “day of action,” according to President Biden, who signed the June 19 holiday into law yesterday. “We can’t rest until the promise of equality is fulfilled for every one of us in every corner of this nation. That to me is the meaning of Juneteenth. That’s what it’s all about.”  READ MORE


On the other side of COVID-19: Golden Corral’s buffet is back, but challenges remain

You might think getting through a pandemic while running a buffet restaurant when buffet-style dining is off the menu would be the hardest part of what he’s had to do since opening his doors in August of 2020. But Lenny Abreu says finding enough staff to keep his Golden Corral Buffet Restaurant at full tilt is the biggest challenge he’s encountered in 30 years of foodservice. READ MORE