The Governor’s Reckless Comments

The Governor’s plan, which he announced in conjunction with Democrats on October 30 of this year, is shored up by two LSRs (HB 1629 and HB 1632). One bill would make zoning for low-income or high-density housing mandatory while forcing zoning and planning boards to accept training in the philosophy of “new urbanism” — an internationally-bred fad that has invaded the country. The other bill would give more tax breaks to developers for building specific types of projects. READ MORE
Around Town

The successes – and failures – of the Free State Project

Their guiding philosophy is the Non-Aggression Principle, also called the NAP, which states unprovoked violence against another person is wrong. Such violence is often found through state measures such as forcible confiscation of property and excessive force on the part of police officers toward average citizens. While this certainly sounds appealing in principle, in practice, things haven’t always gone smoothly. READ MORE