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7 NH houses of worship share $150K in security grants, NH awarded $4M toward terrorism prevention

Friday, August 9, 2019 Carol Robidoux 0
It is a sad reality that churches, synagogues, mosques and other places where the faithful gather have been sites of violent attacks. Nothing is more important than the safety and security of our families and neighbors, and these federal funds will help secure vulnerable facilities and local law enforcement have the resources and training needed to keep people safe.” – Congressman Chris Pappas. READ MORE

How can I build a life with my ‘little sister from my first mister’? It’s called love

Tuesday, August 6, 2019 Urban Hippie 0
The reason my friend Bern moving in with me is a little unusual is that she’s my first husband’s second wife. Got that? Or as I call her, my “little sister from my first mister.” When did we meet? About six months after my first husband met and fell in love with her. So this is where a lot of folks stop and re-read that sentence. Yes, that’s how it happened. READ MORE

Ed Kois: The Manchester VAMC whistleblower who changed everything

Tuesday, July 23, 2019 Jon Hopwood 0
Upon hearing of the death of Ed Kois, Manchester VAMC users and staff – like myself – must have experienced shock and sadness. It hit me very hard. And then – like me – they must have felt sad for Al. I thought of his sadness, thinking of the loss of Dr. Ed Kois, the whistleblower who changed everything because of his ally and friend the director, and the director who changed everything because of his ally and friend, the whistleblower.  READ MORE