The Global Business Next Door

My columns are focused on providing advice and tricks for small businesses. While the audience of the Manchester InkLink is, quite obviously, Manchester, you will never see me refer to any of the businesses I am talking to or about as local. I do not believe there are any local businesses anymore. READ MORE
Small Business Friday

Are you wielding the power of social media to your best advantage?

Many restaurants love to snap pictures of their food and post them on their social media sites. In theory this makes a lot of sense. Restaurants should be very proud of their food. It is at the core of what they do. For many, presentation is an art form, which makes a beautiful visual. So why wouldn’t you take a photo and share it? Here are two good reasons. READ MORE
Small Business Friday

Growing up with small businesses, and the reason why I am writing this column

Main Street is under attack by massive companies with even larger marketing budgets. This worries me because I love the authentic experience. I take pride in the people and places that make my local neighborhood special. If I can go to Starbucks anywhere and it is the exact same experience anywhere, then we’re at risk of losing our identity. We’re at risk of losing what makes our cities and towns unique. We’re at risk of losing what makes us special. READ MORE