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Waypoint advocates will sleep outside on Friday to raise funds and awareness of youth homelessness

Organizers say that the event – now in its 7th year – is a night spent out in the cold to raise community consciousness and funds that they hope will transform the lives of homeless youth in NH.  Proceeds will provide programs, services, and infrastructure to not only help those currently in need, but also support early interventions for vulnerable youth.  Due to the pandemic, sleepers will participate in the event virtually and sleep in their own yards, in cars and in some cases even in basements. READ MORE

A clean, well-lighted place: Drop-in center offers critical refuge for youth in need

As a former parole officer, Waypoint’s Jason Smith often dealt with the end result of what he calls “generational poor choices” where a former inmate had come from a bad family situation or upbringing.  And sadly, the longer he worked in the field, he had come across parolees from the same family – hence the “generational” part.  He said that in many instances, those who were formerly incarcerated came back into the world “worse off than they were before.” READ MORE