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Millyard Museum in search of photos of athletes from the Queen City Athletic Hall of Fame

“We’re sure there are photos on living room walls all over the city and with today’s technology, people email them to us or simply bring the photos in, we can scan them, return them, and the images will then become part of the display over time,” said John Clayton, executive director of the Manchester Historic Association. READ MORE

Communicast: Heidi Onda & The White Ribbon Project for Lung Cancer

I did not know Chip Kennett, but his death affected me because just a year earlier I had met cancer research evangelist Dave Bjork. He, too, was diagnosed with lung cancer in his early 30s. He, too, has never smoked and as a survivor has become a real advocate for putting money directly in the hands of researchers and for raising awareness of the work that needs to be done. The stigma around lung cancer as a smoker’s disease has hampered progress and yet, more than 20 percent of all lung cancer patients today are non-smokers. READ MORE