Do Good

Help for lost pets goes high tech: NHARA donates microchip readers to 2 police departments

The NH Animal Rescue Alliance (NHARA) has donated a pet microchip reader to both the Goffstown and New Boston police departments this week. Microchip readers scan lost pets and can aid in the quick reuniting of pet and owner when a microchip is detected. Without a microchip scanner on-hand nor animal control officers, these rural police departments previously did not have this important tool to aid in the safe and reliable return of many lost pets with their owners. READ MORE

Windows of Hope Fundraiser: It sounds like a metaphor but this fundraiser is for actual windows in need of fixing

If you’ve been by Hope lately (or even semi-lately—within the past six months), you’ve seen the plywood covering the broken windows. Even with the upbeat and positive graffiti over the boards, the front of the building looks pretty horrible. You may have read here or here about how the windows were broken. I’ll give a short answer: READ MORE