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Chandler House Vigil: Which side of history will you be on?

Each day we choose with our time, our attention and our money that which is important to us.  The people rallying to save the Chandler house are distinctive in their respectful, visible approach but make no mistake, this is a protest against the destruction of a historic building. Though these people stand in vigil and bear witness to the choice the Diocese can make, it will be the future citizens of Manchester and the unforgiving world of Google search that will tell the story of the Chandler House. READ MORE

Keith Spiro Communicast: Shanna Tellerman’s MODSY is “business as usual in the new unusual”

The amazing part of this crisis, from a business change standpoint, is to see all executives and senior leaders having to work from home, in a more informal setting, with family interruptions randomly visible via our video linkups. Shanna and her team are way ahead of old line thinkers who are facing this world for the first time. Modsy employees and executives have a high comfort level that family is part of their work life. READ MORE
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The future of retail begins right now

Whether it’s forced closure or currently vacant space, retail is in a tailspin. Overnight the world has learned about live streaming and interactive video chats, yet when the current world health crisis ends, humans will crave real life experiences. How will retail and landlords maximize the new appreciation for physical connection? READ MORE
Dancing to Cotton eyed Joe & Mr. O
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Communicast: Smyth Road school teachers [Like Mr. O] rock!

Mr. O and I have worked together before but never like this.  I enjoyed Lego club with our family’s second-grader but when remote learning started, I found myself pressed into service as a para-professional by my recently-returned from-retirement teacher/wife.  Seemingly overnight, we transformed our favorite living space into a one-room-schoolhouse to accommodate the kindergartener, second- and fourth-graders ensconced there. READ MORE