Capano to be sworn in as police chief on June 29 at MPAL

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Asst. Chief Carlo Capano sworn in back in 2015. Photo/Carol Robidoux

MANCHESTER, NH – A public swearing-in ceremony for the city’s new chief of police, Carlo Capano, will be held Friday June 29 at the Officer Michael Briggs/Police Athletic League community center, 409 Beech St.

The ceremony is set to begin at 10 a.m. All are welcome and invited.

When selected to serve as Assistant Chief by Chief Nick Willard back in 2015, Willard called then Captain Capano a “talented” officer who always shined.

“At every rank at one point in our careers we worked together I was always a promotion ahead of him, but, wholistically speaking,  Carlo Capano is one of the most talented police officers I’ve ever worked with,” Willard. said.

Capano was hired in 1996. He has work in the patrol and detective divisions, is a certified polygraph technician and has investigated many high-profile cases.

“We have a well-connected command staff here. We support each other, and for the most part, we all think alike. We share the same police values, and any one of my captains would have done a great job. But Captain Capano has a skill set like no other police officer I’ve ever worked with. At every rank he’s shown a great amount of fortitude, ability and skill,” Willard said of Capano in 2015.