Candidate filings for State Rep., delegates to NH GOP convention

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MANCHESTER, NH — The filing period has closed for the September Primary Election, and you can check out the preliminary slate of candidates for State Representative below. Also included, Republicans seeking a term as delegates to the NH GOP State Convention, also in September.

GOP logoThat’s not to be confused with the upcoming national convention in Philadelphia in July, says Manchester GOP Committee Chair Tammy Simmons, who acknowledges that’s not where the confusion ends.

“It’s only Republican delegates that go on the ballot because the Democrats do it completely differently,” says Simmons.

“We have election law that dictates some of these things for the GOP. I tried to change the date of our primary, for example. Why not have it in June, rather than September, so close to Election Day? But it’s not as easy a fix as it seems.  It’s going to take changing bylaws and statutes, probably striking the statutes,” she says.

She figures the GOP rules are written into law because, at one time, New Hampshire voters were largely Republican.

“This has been, without a doubt, the most bizarre election year seen in my lifetime,” Simmons says, adding that the main job of delegates elected in November will be charged with outlining the party’s platform going forward.

“The biggest issues that go back and forth are usually things to do with abortion and life, marriage — last time somebody got something in to do with Sharia law — I  wouldn’t be surprised if somehow this year we don’t see something about refugees or something,” Simmons said.

“The State Convention is always about party unity and rallying behind our NH candidates because we’ll know by then if it’s going to be Kelly Ayotte or Jim Rubens and who our gubernatorial candidate is,” Simmons says. “Everyone thinks there are more divisions within the party then there are. Regardless of the divisions, our principles remain the same, even if we approach them with different methods. I want our platform to reflect the views of the majority of Republicans in New Hampshire.”

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