Burglar tunnels through walls of empty store to get to Pearson’s Jewelry

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MANCHESTER, NH – Manchester Police are investigating a burglary discovered Feb. 22 in which someone tunneled through the walls of the vacant Ted Herbert’s music storefront to get to Pearson’s Jewelers.

At about noon on Sunday police responded to 926 Elm St., a multi-tenant building, on the southwest corner of Elm and Stark streets. Pearson’s Jewelry Store currently occupies 926 Elm St, while Ted Herbert’s Music Store formerly occupied 934 Elm St. The current owner of the property, Mark Piaseczny, told police he discovered what appeared to be evidence of a burglary into Pearson’s. He walked the officers through the building detailing what he had located.

Piaseczny led the officers to a number of holes in walls leading directly into Pearson’s Jewelry Store. Police said it appears as though someone had gained access to the building and and were able to move freely within the spaces to either side of Pearson’s, as well as down through the roof of the building. Walls on both sides of Pearson’s had holes cut or  smashed into them, which provided access to display cases and office areas within the business.

Based on a timeline provided by Piaseczny it is believed that this crime took place between 5:30 p.m. Saturday evening and 10:15 a.m. on Sunday. At the time of the report it was not clear what property had actually been removed from Pearson’s, said police, who also noted that the former Ted Herbert’s space is undergoing renovations in preparation for ESPN to move in.

Police are asking anyone who may have seen something suspicious or who may have information on this case to contact them directly at 668-8711 or via the Manchester Crime Line at 624-4040.


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