Brew News Spotlight: DraughtPick beer app adds premium subscription

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The free, locally-developed beer-finder app DraughtPick, which launched publicly a year ago this month, is now offering additional features for premium subscribers.

While the basic use of the app is still free to download and use, DraughtPick co-founders Mike Moore, Len Morrissey and other partners recently launched an optional premium subscription for $3.99 per month, which, among other perks, can earn you a free pint of beer at one of any partner breweries monthly.

“What’s great is the cost of subscribing is far less than buying the pint/flight/appetizer, so it will save you money if you plan on visiting a brewery anyway,” Moore said. “We also added a digital menu system for partner breweries, which is automatically updated based on data within DraughtPick.”

The app will accumulate tokens for free pints each month they aren’t redeemed, but you can only redeem one per day, and once a month at a specific brewery. In lieu of a pint, some places will offer a free flight or appetizer.

The first month is currently free to subscribe for anyone who wants to try it out. 

The free version of the app can be used to locate a beer you’re likely to enjoy based on personal style preferences and a selected mile radius around your current GPS location. The app uses up-to-date brewery offerings across New England and New York and an algorithm based on a profile created by the user.

There are also social features that allow users to see where friends are drinking at local brewery taprooms and a way to create meetup events. 

Moore said additional subscription features include the ability to search an area for brewery and beer results outside of your current location.

“It’s perfect for vacation planning, you’re able to view beers and breweries based on where you will be,” Moore said. 

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The digital menu is also a benefit for breweries who can easily update their menus in the user interface and display it on TV screens in their taprooms. The menus can also include food items.

DraughtPick’s list of partner breweries is growing as well. Currently they include To Share Brewing Company in Manchester, Able Ebenezer in Merrimack, Liquid Therapy in Nashua, Sawbelly Brewing in Exeter, Frogg Brewing in Marlborough and Definitive Brewing, with locations in Portland, Kittery and Newry, Maine.

For any breweries considering becoming partners on the app, Moore said it doesn’t cost breweries anything but the occasional free pint for users once a month. Breweries are free to limit redeemable days to certain days of the week or make busy days non-redeemable. 

But, aside from the digital menu, the benefit is the potential for attracting new customers who may not have heard of the brewery but are incentivized to visit through the app. Breweries can also list events on the app and website.


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