Book Sisters casting call: Meet the actors for ‘The Haunting of Haven Lane’

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Book Sisters Productions, LLC (BSP) is a production company based out of NH, and has been busy this year already casting actors for the first episode of a 12-episode series called Amber Oak.  A book series written by independent author Ceara Comeau when she was 12, Amber Oak became an outlet for her when she was bullied as a child.  The series itself happened by accident because she didn’t realize she was writing one … until someone told her.  

Each episode will have Amber solving a different supernatural case and each case will bring her closer to finding out about who she really is.  These future episodes will be full of magic and a little bit of mayhem and they’ll also dig into elements of sci-fi.

BSP used Backstage as their primary source to announce the casting call in January.  Although they also received submissions from sharing the casting call on social media platforms and through their website. Receiving almost 200 submissions in a month for multiple roles, video audition requests were sent to actors that were located in the North East area.  From there, BSP chose actors for callbacks that were either done through zoom or in-person.  With that being said, BSP is pleased to announce the following actors as their cast for “The Haunting of Haven Lane” along with their character roles:

Scarlett Morin from MA – Lead-Amber Oak

Scarlett Morin


Hayden Ayotte from MA Lead-Chris Oak

Hayden Ayotte


Justin Bell from NY: Lead-James Colbert

Justin Bell

Max Henderson from MA: Lead-Jacob Colbert

Max Henderson

Ace Enders from NJ: Supporting-Adam Greenwood 

Ace Enders

Beckett Guest from MA: Day Player-Caleb Greenwood 

Beckett Guest

Samuel Johns from NY: Day Player-Shawn McTrevor

Samuel Johns

Matt Vitkovsky from NY: Day Player-Billy McTrevor

Matt Vitkovsky

Denny Doherty from MA: Day Player-David Rodriguez (fire chief)

Denny Doherty

Chad Maurice from NY: Day Player: Mr. Henry

Chad Maurice

Lora Laffan from MA: Librarian

Lora Laffan

The main characters to be highlighted in this episode and who will be featured in the full series are:

Amber Oak: a young girl with intelligence beyond her years who struggles to find her place in a lonely mysterious world

Chris Oak: older brother to Amber who is overprotective and has a lot of secrets

James Colbert: older brother to Jacob who is rich, arrogant, charismatic with adults, and gets away with everything.  He’s judgmental towards people he feels are out of the norm or are smarter than him

Jacob Colbert: younger brother to James. He is the tag-along.  He admires his older brother although he won’t admit it.  He is a bit more reserved and doesn’t like to take many chances.

Filming will begin this summer throughout locations in NH.  The goal with this series is to be viewed on streaming services.  BSP is currently self-funded, but has started a funding campaign through Indiegogo.  You can donate as low as $5.  There are different perks listed based on the contribution amount such as getting credits in the film or even a ticket to the red carpet event.  Funds will be dispersed for locations, props, catering, travel expenses, extra crew, marketing, festivals, and more.  If you would like to make a contribution to this project you can at this link:

You can also stay updated on the series by following BSP’s Facebook and IG page or by checking out their website listed here: 


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