Board to discuss 305 new dwelling units on property between Smyth Road and Radburn Street

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City Works is a regular feature designed to provide a preview of upcoming city meetings including, but not limited to, Planning, Zoning and Board of Mayor and Aldermen.  


The Zoning Board met on Thursday, April 14. The following decisions were rendered.  If you missed the meeting and would like to see more details, it will be available on-demand.

  • ZBA2022-022: 255 Orange Street, variance denied.
  • ZBA2022-019: 167 Pine Street, variance granted.
  • ZBA2022-028:  21 and 31 Central Street, variance granted.
  • ZBA2022-027: 409 Elm Street, variance granted.
  • ZBA2022-009: 729 Pine Street, applicant did not attend the meeting, variance denied.
  • ZBA2022-034: 239 Aaron Drive, variance granted.
  • ZBA2022-032: Merrimack Street, Tax Map 73, Lots 30A and 31, variance granted.
  • ZBA2022-031: 351 Chestnut Street, variance granted.
  • ZBA2022-036: 77 Malvern Street, variance granted.
  • ZBA2022-033: 792 Hall Street and 798-800 Hall Street, variance granted.
  • ZBA2022-043: 55 Bridge Street, variance granted.
  • ZBA2022-044: 13 Laval Street, variance granted.
  • ZBA2022-046: 83 Lilac Court, variance granted.
  • ZBA2022-045: 80 Parcels Between Smyth Road and Radburn Street, variance granted. Section 4.10(A)6 was removed from discussion. The original count of 305 units will not be changed. Note that this developer has agreed to 10 workforce units and has stated that they will look to see if they can do more. 
  • ZBA2022-030: 46 Myrtle Street, variance granted.
  • ZBA2022-047: 21 Batchelder Avenue, variance granted.
  • ZBA2022-040: 48 Brook Street, variance granted.
  • ZBA2022-041: 349 Orange Street, variance granted.
  • ZBA2022-048: 10 Cody Street, variance granted.
  • ZBA2022-039: Candia Road, Map 471, Lot 8, variance granted.
  • ZBA2022-049: 33 Fairbanks Street, variance granted.
  • ZBA2022-042: 90 Union Street, variance granted.

The following cases have been tabled until the May 12 meeting. Since this was announced at the meeting, no additional abutter notifications will be sent.

  • ZBA2022-023:  253 Lake Avenue
  • ZBA2022-025: 54 Windswept Road, case resulted in a tie vote, board members agreed to table for additional review.
  • ZBA2022-038: 39 Tougas Avenue
  • ZBA2022-037: 149 Exchange Avenue, additional information is required.


The Planning Board will meet on Thursday, April 21.  The following items are on the agenda and project applications are posted here. The public is invited to attend the meeting at City Hall, watch on Channel 22 or watch on-line. If you would like to comment for or against any project and cannot make the meeting, you may send an email to


Building Photo

IMP2022-002:  434 Union Street, Urban Multifamily Zoning District

Applicant is seeking to waive school impact fees totaling $34,375 for 11 multifamily units.

PDSP2022-002: Properties located between Smyth Road and Radburn Street, Residential One Family Medium Density Zoning District

Applicant seeks approval of a site plan and planned development application to construct three apartment buildings with a total of 305 dwelling units, a parking lot with approximately 610 parking spaces, a clubhouse, an extension of Radburn Street, and associated site improvements.


  • IMP2022-002: 434 Union Street
  • S2022-002: 268 Morse Road. This case was discussed at the public hearing on April 7. This meeting is available to watch on-demand.
  • SP2022-005: 105 Prospect Street. This case was discussed at public hearings on April 7, March 17 and March 3. These meetings are available to watch on-demand.


The Board of Mayor and Aldermen will meet on Tuesday, April 19. Committee meeting and Board agendas, with supporting details, can be found below.  Please note that the Special Meeting at 6 pm will be held to receive comments on the proposed Fiscal Year 2023 municipal budget and the proposed Community Improvement Program for the Fiscal Year 2023. Members of the community are welcome to attend and provide public comment. All meetings will be available to watch on Channel 22 or on-line.

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