Berube & Sons Pool, Plow and Spa are this week’s local heroes in my book

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Screen Shot 2017 03 06 at 6.58.40 PMBerube & Sons Pool, Plow and Spa are this week’s local heroes. 

Chris Berube came to our home, assessed our situation, quoted a good price and delivered as promised. On time and budget, Berube & Sons made our backyard like new again. Step one, our new 27-foot round above ground swimming pool, is complete. 

I can’t thank Chris enough for working on weekends and somehow squeezing our job into his busy schedule. We still have a long way to go for our home improvements, but the swimming pool is now off the list. 

I’m not just one of Berube’s customers, I’m a big fan of his business. Carol and Berube went back and forth with emails, texts, and various other conversations to get the job done. Chris Berube was a great source of information and expertise willing to go the extra mile. 

I enjoyed helping Chris Pease and Devon Levensailor, install our swimming pool, pump and filter. This job was no small task. I was working with these guys as much as I could and tried to set-up the groundwork in advance. I did my “level best” but Berube Pools gets all the credit for a job well done. 

Thanks again to Chris Berube, Chris Pease, and Devon Levensailor of Berube & Sons Pool, Plow and Spa. My hat’s off to you, and my swim suit is on!

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