Shelves empty during pandemic, Food Bank supply chain remains strong

Sliced bread and ramen noodles were almost completely gone. Toilet paper and tissue paper were nowhere to be found. The meat section had been picked three-quarters clean, leaving very little for the shoppers who had come in at that time of day. Nevertheless, employees of the store pushed around carts with orange signs on the sides, picking up items for people ordering online. READ MORE

Point of View

Education in Manchester: Able NH and the Problem of Students with Disabilities, Then and Now

Laconia State School opened in the year 1903, housing 82 residents between three buildings. The Stafford County Farm fire in 1895 revealed an unexpected truth: a great many children were living in almshouses. They were impoverished. They had no family support. They were left to their own devices. These houses, colloquially called poor houses, were intended as shelters for criminals and people with mental or physical disabilities. In those days, the term “feeble-minded” was used to describe people with developmental disabilities. READ MORE