Point of View

Point of View: NH lawmakers take part in national effort to ‘eradicate transgenderism’

Those who would deny transgender rights also deny human rights. Those who accept transgender rights are those who accept human rights. The state legislature, if it must do anything, should take steps to protect a vulnerable and disenfranchised group- one already defined as a federally protected class. Those who take it upon themselves to revoke the freedom of one group have the power to revoke freedoms for all. READ MORE

Louisa Gagnon

Out of luck and out of options: Woman has few places left to stay

I first became involved with Louisa Gagnon at a tenant’s advocacy clinic doing casework in the summer of 2022, helping people prepare for their eviction hearings at the courthouse on Amherst Street. At the time, Louisa was living in a rooming house on the West Side funded by Southern New Hampshire Services. The landlord had filed multiple eviction cases against her in what appeared to be retaliation for wrongs real or imagined. READ MORE