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Supporters of unhoused people gather to protest evacuation of Firestone encampment

And on April 10 activists gathered in a parking lot at the corner of Granite and Canal Streets on a warm Saturday afternoon to protest the city and state’s treatment of their homeless population, including the most recent eviction notice. Though the event was scheduled to start at 2 p.m., participants spent an hour making signs and conversing with one another. Notably absent from the event was the homeless population itself; rather, community members had come to advocate on their behalf. READ MORE

Living Without an Address

Living Without an Address #2: A Snowstorm and a Broken Heater

Encountering Murphy’s Law a few times every week for weeks on end wears both patience and stamina. When I bought my RV, I trusted the seller was telling the truth when they said it “ran like a champ.” That turned out to be false. Now it only runs with a clamp holding down a battery connector in the engine. The windshield is broken, and the exhaust pipe underneath has rusted apart to the point where it looks like it might have exploded. Had the seller described the vehicle as “for parts” or “needs repair,” I would have not bought it. READ MORE


Reddit users buy up GameStop and other stock while brokerage firms suffer

Then, on January 13, something curious happened. The price of Gamestop’s stock started going up, and kept going up. From the beginning, the users on WallStreetBets made no pretenses about their goals: they were going to bankrupt a hedge fund called Melvin Capital. A short video featuring characters from an anime called Attack on Titan showcased their goals with custom subtitles. They were going to induce a short squeeze. READ MORE

Living Without an Address

Living Without an Address 1: Preparing the way

At this time last year, I was homeless, dealing with what mental health professionals call “unrelenting crisis,” and not knowing when or if I would be able to get my life back together. My choices were to be treated like a child in a homeless shelter or live somewhere on my own. Around this time, I started making plans to live in a tent regardless of how cold it might be. I had simply had enough of the New Horizons shelter in Manchester. READ MORE