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The successes – and failures – of the Free State Project

Their guiding philosophy is the Non-Aggression Principle, also called the NAP, which states unprovoked violence against another person is wrong. Such violence is often found through state measures such as forcible confiscation of property and excessive force on the part of police officers toward average citizens. While this certainly sounds appealing in principle, in practice, things haven’t always gone smoothly. READ MORE

Inside Safe Station: The most difficult part is walking through the door

They are also ready, at any time of day or night as long as the fire station is open, for people to come in and sit on the chairs. If they do, such people will have visited Safe Station, a much talked about yet little understood service that the fire department provides. The most difficult part of Safe Station is walking through the door, which requires participants to admit they might have a problem. READ MORE
Around Town

Inside the Cypress Center: A Nurse’s Perspective

On an unassuming road in Manchester, a short walk away from the Elliott Hospital, lies an unassuming building. In the chill of late October air, residents of the neighborhood walk their dogs across the sidewalk or lumber out to their cars to start the day’s work. Inside the building, lights are turned on. Food is being cooked for breakfast. Clients of the Cypress Center are just beginning to rouse themselves out of bed. READ MORE

Homeless in Manchester

Walking the streets of the city has brought a bit of peace to me that I didn’t have before. You won’t see me sitting around on Elm Street with a cardboard sign, or panhandling on South Willow Street. You won’t see me shouting at the air, or putting needles in my body. You might see me going off to work, or taking in the sunshine in the park. If you see me at all, a friendly greeting wouldn’t go amiss. READ MORE