Around Town

Red Arrow Diner celebrates 100th anniversary

A police car parked sideways on Lowell Street on the morning of October 15th blocking traffic while tables with red cloths over them waited for patrons to arrive. Burgers sizzled on a grill outside, sending plumes of smoke into the air. Placards on the sidewalk with oversized proclamations by Governor Chris Sununu, Senator Maggie Hassan, and Senator Jeanne Shaheen recognized an accomplishment few businesses of any kind can match: the Red Arrow Diner had been in business for 100 years. READ MORE


Double Midnight Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Granite State Comicon

The atmosphere outside the Expo Center in Manchester next to the Doubletree Hilton hotel on Saturday morning was bursting with activity. A line wound through the entrance three to four rows deep. The attendance was far greater than Friday afternoon and evening, as many people sought to get their tickets at the moment. Convivial conversation drowned out almost all other noise as attendees waited patiently in line. READ MORE


Reproductive rights in New Hampshire: Demand for services up including out-of-state patients

As the issue of abortion rights continues to make headlines around the country, the rise of so-called “fetal harm” laws comes as no surprise to  Planned Parenthood of Northern New England (PPNNE) which said it’s something women’s rights advocates have “seen coming.” While New Hampshire does not have as many broad protections as other states in New England, PPNNE has nevertheless seen an influx of patients from across the nation coming to seek services. READ MORE


Private developer, on renovating High Street house for low-income renters: ‘I built it for the people in the system’

From the outside, the property at 35 High Street in Manchester looks like an unassuming, typical two-story house of the kind you’d find anywhere. It’s a white house sitting in front of a parking meter near an intersection with Pine Street, close to Bridge Street. From all outward appearances, it doesn’t look like a place where something special is happening. READ MORE