Elaine Hamel: Dismantling gender norms to uplift ‘Girls at Work’

Girls at Work focuses much attention on giving young girls experience that will boost their confidence so they can perform at their best, academically and in their own lives, from an empowered place. Founder Elaine Hamel stressed the importance of teaching girls early on what they are capable of and what connecting them to this mindset can do to change their lives for the better.  READ MORE


9 out-of-office places to work remotely in Greater Manchester 

As the workforce and the culture around it changes, people have now taken to working by their favorite window, scheduling their calls in the afternoon so they can have the morning for themselves, and frequenting local watering holes for a home office break. Since the pandemic began, hoards of workers have opted-in to opting-out of the office, even changing roles and internal dynamics to prioritize the new working style.  READ MORE


My Top 3 unconventional go-to albums for keeping the holiday spirit alive

It’s because of these two that I have my select classics, Christmas hymns and ballads. One of my personal favorites; “Christmas Time Is Here” by Vince Guaraldi featured on an impeccable festive classic, Charlie Brown Christmas, brings me a sense of peace that only the Yule time can. Over the years, my parents have come to trust my musical taste, and so we take turns selecting the perfect jams for our spiked eggnog and Christmas roast. READ MORE