Victory Women of Vision reunite in Manchester after a year of isolation

Dr. Nathalie Ahyi-Amendah, formerly coordinator of the New Hampshire Health & Equity Partnership which functions under the umbrella of Foundation for Healthy Communities was at the Victory Women mother-daughter event. She presented on a panel with the Reverend Reneé Rouse, Northwood Congregational Church, Hulda Suazo, Granite State Organizing Project, and Jennifer Katuma, high school student.  They celebrated mothers, shared their losses they experienced in the pandemic, and cheered the elders on. “Hang out with people who mean the world to you,” Katuma said. READ MORE


Manchester’s Café Momo, on the line between safety and making it

Café Momo serves the traditional foods of the people of Nepal. They serve sour, tangy gundruk soup made from fermented mustard greens. Momos are the famous dumpling of Nepal. You can get meat momos or ones made with paneer (a kind of un-aged cheese) and spinach, all with cilantro, finely chopped cabbage, turmeric, carrots. Momos come with a dipping sauce with a bite called achar made with ginger and spicy mustard. READ MORE