Riding Fandom: Off the Rack Comics, from hobby to something much more

In a fast-growing secondary market comic book market, it’s easy to get caught up in the rising waves; buying and selling bulk collections, for thousands of dollars sight unseen, as speculation and online auctions have inflated the prices. But as Jill Stewart and boyfriend Daniel King Jr. have learned, it’s also easy for fans and their love of comics to be sucked in by the undertow. READ MORE


Riding Fandom: Man’s Marvel-ous mosaics boost demand for his Shattered Comics

Around 2017 or so, DiMasi teamed up with Josh Jeppi, son of comic distribution giant Diamond owner Steve Jeppi, to rep his art though a spinoff company called Diamond International Galleries (DIG). The two did a television interview in Baltimore, which garnered the attention of the editors at Marvel, who offered a deal to make Shattered Comics store variants. READ MORE

Around Town

Manchester Historic Association celebrates local champions of history with 29th annual Historic Preservation Awards

This year’s Manchester Historic Association’s Historic Preservation Awards recognized a family whose stewardship of their 114-year-old house has renovated and maintained it to pristine condition, a grassroots effort to restore the Casimir Pulaski statue in Pulaski Park, and similar initiatives to adapt or save old buildings from demolition. READ MORE