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Brew News Spotlight on Able Ebenezer Brewing Co.: Ninja-like reflexes helped overcome COVID slow down

While local small breweries are all struggling to adjust to the upside-down economy caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Able Ebenezer Brewing Company in Merrimack had their best two months of sales in April and May, thanks to a lot of hard work producing beer at a rapid clip and leveraging their in-house distribution team to offer direct home deliveries. READ MORE
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Multi-agency homeless outreach team assembled during COVID is working, officials say, but it’s running out of money

In an effort to address the city’s growing population of unsheltered people living in makeshift campsites, a homeless outreach team of clinicians, firemen, social workers and mobile mental health specialists was assembled two months ago, with members hailing from charitable organizations, the community mental health center, city employees and more.  READ MORE