Questioning Mask Mandates
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The Soapbox – Mask You a Few Questions: Why I’m weary of vaccine and mask mandates

The entire premise of lockdowns, mask/vaccine mandates and other orders is that there is a health crisis caused by coronavirus which is extremely deadly. It started as asking people to stay home for two weeks to “flatten the curve” and has grown to mandating vaccines for all.  While it was harder to prove this was not the case in 2020, the data is in and it is clear that coronavirus is not as deadly as currently advertised. READ MORE

Point of View

Homeless congregate on Elm Street, Manchester Police hands tied

So here’s my problem: I pay rent to have a place to work in our beautiful downtown. That rent pays property taxes. My landlord has invested and risked a tremendous amount of money to renovate and operate my location. I pay property taxes and vehicle registration. The city and state fund homeless shelters to keep people off the streets, and jails and prisons for the rest. READ MORE