Granite State of Mind

There are a number of things I hate about COVID-19 but my inability to whiff No. 2 ain’t one of them

Losing my sense of smell has been delightful. Yes, it has.  I don’t need to smell. I’ve come to grips with it. And there was little internal wrestling involved. I bowed immediately, pledging my devotion to the consequences – if one chooses to call it that.  In fact, I’d be okay if I never smell anything or anyone ever again.   READ MORE

Granite State of Mind

My brother, the prophet: ‘Trump’s gonna burn the place down before he goes, and everyone in his way’

Trump is no gangster. Let’s get that straight. If he wasn’t President and insulated and you were able to get up into his face, he would 100 percent crawl into his fat neck and hide from a real fight. That’s the man Don Trump is.  He’s no tough guy, and I doubt he has either ever thrown a punch or taken one to the face in his life. READ MORE


Poets on the Loose, Round 4: ‘Rhythm Without Melody,’ a poetic encore by singer-songwriter Jen Whit

At least that’s the case with Jen Whit, a dearly missed singer/songwriter from Canterbury, who, for a number of years, could be seen in the bars and clubs on the regular, mesmerizing us with her voice and wonderful guitar playing.  Whit was legit.  A goddess when it comes to singing, someone who could vibe with all kinds of music – rock, ’90s pop, folk, country. READ MORE