Granite State of Mind

Asking the musical question: What makes local music tick for you?

Thursday, January 11, 2018 Rob Azevedo 0
Yet, it’s a Monday night, and the Dark Wall of Winter has taken my soul.  Lethargy has swallowed me whole, weighing me down by fish hooks from the wrists.  So, I decided to blast a post out on Facebook and see what random music fanatics have to say about the current state of music in their lives and around the state.  READ MORE
Granite State of Mind

2017 in the rearview: A year of outstanding homegrown music

Thursday, December 21, 2017 Rob Azevedo 0
I got to thinking behind my desk about all the musical talent I’ve seen this past year – at the radio stations, in taverns, at New England College. I mean, it was a preposterous amount of goodness, both in original and cover format, bestowed upon those that chose to indulge, which, I did with an unflinching zeal. READ MORE