Granite State of Mind

When your country’s on fire, doing the wrong thing is the same as fanning the flames

As the impending doom which Trump was aware had already arrived on our shores and was already raining down on our country (we just didn’t know it), well, the Big Dorito decided as the President of the United States of America that the best move he could make was to pacify us, play us for infants, as inferiors, or, as he said, because he didn’t want to panic the country. READ MORE


My brief, imaginary brush with COVID-19, or, get tested; sure it sucks, but well worth it

The city of Manchester sent an email out to everyone who attended one of the high school graduations at Fisher Cat Stadium, suggesting we all get tested for COVID. I was at the stadium with about a thousand others, give or take, watching our kids walk the plank into mini-adulthood.  But, the city suggested we all get tested and it was FREE so, what the hell, you’re speaking my language.  I bit. READ MORE


Central grads: ‘Be kind, be diligent and be patient’ but mostly, be kind – especially during these trying times 

In truth, today I’m not just a reporter but I’m also a proud parent of one of the graduates, my daughter Danielle.  I can say that I’m no more proud of my daughter graduating with the Class of 2020 than I was when she finally let go of my hand without crying and walked herself into kindergarten (on the fifth day) at Smyth Road School. Thirteen years ago.   READ MORE