‘Born on a Good Friday:’ Graziano serves up a book of memories I buried long ago

And that’s also why when my good buddy, Nate Graziano, (Graz!), handed me his newest collection of poems, “Born On Good Friday,” the cover alone made me feel the tickles of a panic attack. Graz as a kid standing at a tilt in a new blue suit with the price tag still on it. The new shoes soon-to-be play boots, the awkward smile, the crooked bow tie.  Fall in Rhode Island. Barren and cold.  Someone, please, knife me now.   READ MORE


Some people come and go in your life.  Some stay too long. Some take you for an unforgettable ride

No, he’s not dead.  He just moved away with his special lady.  But not like, “we’re heading to New Boston or the seacoast” kind of move. I mean, they move, moved.  Like you can’t get Xfinity there.  The Celtics games come on weeks later.  Only videos available to watch are the “The Mary Jane Girls” and “Sha-Na-Na” outtakes. READ MORE