An Ode to Plymouth State

Thursday, September 5, 2019 Rob Azevedo 0
The letter and the application went out in the mail sometime before winter, and by the start of my last semester at Wentworth, I received a letter from Plymouth State College, welcoming me into the fold. I was elated. Finally, I felt inside like my apprenticeship from being a nothing to something had ended. READ MORE

Notes from the rally — I didn’t go for the politics

Friday, August 16, 2019 Rob Azevedo 6
I didn’t go for the politics. I went for the spectacle.  And it paid in spades.  And it paid off with promise.  What I see on TV night after night as I torture myself on a daily basis, watching all sides of the news — MSNBC to FOX — I came to see that it is quite possible that the news is somewhat bullshitting most of us.   READ MORE

Aug .17: Catch Senie Hunt at Memorial Field, a gem of a guitarist at a jewel of a venue

Wednesday, August 14, 2019 Rob Azevedo 0
The tap and strum, that pluck and pick, all of it going off at once. It was hypnotic to me, soothing, like a chime, a repetitive force that slowly works its way inward.  An unworldly talented young man with many world’s ahead of him to feast on. World’s he’s never seen. World’s he’s loved and lived in. World’s Senie hopes to return to someday. READ MORE