Life In the Streets

Life In The Streets: Reality of Racism

I find it difficult enough being a man, but it feels twice as hard living as a Black man. About 20-30 days ago I got evicted from my apartment. No warning, no heads-up. No clue that this was brewing behind my back. Ever since, I’ve been struggling hard, man. Yes, you read that correctly. During quarantine, working father of two got evicted. READ MORE


Game On: Fall Guys Ulitmate Knockout

Hope we are all having a safe week, staying masked-up and protecting our loved ones and fellow community members! I also really, REALLY hope you all enjoyed “GAME ON: 9 MUST PLAY GAMES THIS WEEK!” I put some time to the side and tried my hand at all but one. Apparently my cell phone doesn’t meet the qualifications for NBA 2k21 Mobile! Lesson learned! READ MORE

Life In the Streets

Life In The Streets: Are Sports Safe?

This piece is the start of many conversations on how the general public is approaching playing sports without quarantining. For me, the starting point is: What’s the point of wearing a mask inside of a grocery store or at a restaurant if no one self-distances elsewhere? Why wear a mask in some places, just to expose themselves and others later that day elsewhere? I see people DAILY who don’t think it’s important to social distance. For a few weeks I’ve seen people out playing basketball without quarantining whatsoever and that to me is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. READ MORE

Life In the Streets

Life in the Streets: The struggle with needles, COVID-19 and masks is (still) real

It’s August 2020. What are my biggest obstacles these days you ask? The City of Manchester is still facing the abuse of heroin. We’re still trying to convince people that they should wear a mask when they go inside a store. I’m still dealing with coronavirus closing Manchester schools thus taking my job as a substitute teacher away. I feel like the virus has just begun. So why is it so hard for the general public to practice safety habits and ensure safety like many other parts of the world already has? I have faith in Manchester but I need to see some more action, this past week let me down! READ MORE